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Fork Clamps

Fork Clamps

These fork clamps are specifically machined to fit our Series II LP6 Kits.


Clamp location

Left side = Primary side

Right side = Exhaust side


Fitment Choice

-FXLRS.......... 55mm forks

-Softail M8 FXBB(S) and DYNA FXD*......... 49mm forks 

-DYNA......... 39mm forks 



Each clamp is a complete fork clamp that will include:


-Stainless steel spacer (2 1/4" long)

-One ARP bolt with 2 washers


*****If you have purchased our Series II LP6 Kit before 1/1/2023 you will need to get both sides, because we have extended the stainless steel spacer 1/4 of an inch to position the fairing shell in a better position and we changed the thread pitch on the fork clamp.


No returns on open or used items!


If you have any questions or if you are unsure of which options to choose from please email sales@BanksPerformance.NET


    Clamp Location Left Side ($39.95)
    Clamp Location Right Side ($39.95)
    Fitment Choice
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