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FXLRST LP6 Bracket

FXLRST LP6 Bracket

SKU: 8ST6-07

Please read through this. It will save time.


Kit includes:

+ One bracket to run a Baja Designs LP6

+ Stainless ARP hardware

+ Installation video



Our design puts the LP6 exactly where it shold be, so it will not be sticking out like a bug eye. You will still get use out of the peripheral lighting on the LP6. Our bracket will also work with Rockford audio systems. Trimming of your outer shell is necessary and we will include a detailed video of exactly how to trim your shell... It's pretty easy!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us.

    Add LP6 (+$494.95)
    Add ST wiring harness for LP6 (+$199.95)
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