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LP6/S2 Dual Operating Wiring Harness for 2018+ M8 Softail

LP6/S2 Dual Operating Wiring Harness for 2018+ M8 Softail

Product Overview

This wiring harness is 1 harness that will supply power to both your Baja Designs LP6 & TWO S1’s, TWO S2 Pro/Sport, TWO Squadrons, a light bar or any lights you plan on running (up to 2 additional power sources equivalent to TWO Baja Designs S2 Pro/Sport in addition to powering your Baja Designs LP6). When you turn ON the high beam to your LP6 using your OEM high/low beam switch you will also turn ON 2 additional power sources to facilitate 2 auxiliary lights.



-1 harness powers 1 LP6 and 2 additional auxiliary lights (aux lights equivalent to TWO S2 Pro/Sport)

-All wires are 14 awg FULL copper tinned marine grade

-Additional auxiliary power output will have connector pins and plug housing included


Specifics & Fitment

-2018+ Milwaukee 8 Softail models

-Must be ran with an LP6

-Auxiliary power turns on when you hit your OEM high/low beam switch ON

-Available in standard length (TSport style fairing or no fairing) or FXRT fairing length (longer than standard)


All wiring harnesses are made in America in house and bench tested for 100% accuracy!

Lead time is approximately 1-2 weeks from order date.

If you have any questions call us or email us at

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