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Series II LP6 Kit -  TSport Fairing for 2020-24 FXLRS Softail Lowrider S

Series II LP6 Kit - TSport Fairing for 2020-24 FXLRS Softail Lowrider S

Please read through this. It will save time.

*****All Series II LP6 Kits are made to order for 2020-24 FXLRS. Shipping is approximately 25-30 days from order date.



Kit includes:


+Fairing shell with a larger diameter bezel to facilitate a LP6 light (painted gloss black unless other "custom color" option is selected)

+All black powder coated brackets

+Windshield (black out, smoke or clear)

+All stainless ARP hardware

+Custom aluminum fork clamps, stainless fork clamp spacers, ARP bolts

+Plug & play wiring harness (This wiring harness will NOT wire a light bar. To run 1 wire for the LP6 and light bar you have to select the Light Bar option.)

+Anti-Buffeting Kit


FXLRS Light Bar:


-Adjustment to forks/raising your front end is NOT needed to run our fairing, but it is needed to run our Light Bar. It is a simple process to raise the front end by sliding your fork tubes down.

-If you choose this option with your fairing kit your order will include 1 wiring harness that will allow you to turn on your light bar when you turn on the high beam to your LP6 using your OEM high/low beam switch. If you prefer to wire it yourself and just want our standard LP6 wiring harness without the auxiliary output for the S2's email us after you place your order.

If you have questions, please call us or email sales@banksperformance.NET


Paint Cost:


3 stage White Sand Pearl = $399.95

2 stage Gunship Gray = $299.95

2 stage Midnight Crimson = $299.95

2 stage Barracuda Silver = $299.95

2 stage gloss black = No charge


Legal notice:


If you run our light bar you will need to lower your forks to 1/4 of an inch from the top of the triple tree as shown in the pictures above and you will need fork shims as shown above. We do provide fork shims with all light bar purchases. Improper installation, improper modification to your bike, any damage to the front fender, any damage to the motorcycle and any damage to the rider caused by the light bar at any time is not covered by Banks Performance LLC and buyer/user/installer assumes all responsibility of any damages at any time and fully releases Banks Performance LLC for any liability.

    Windshield Color (NO additional charge)
    LP6 Headlight ($474.95)
    Fairing Shell Color ($299.95 for custom colors)
    FXLRS Light Bar w/upgraded wiring harness($349.95)
    S2 Pro (two lights $339.95)
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